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    Moving Forward

    In 2014, BHE U.S. Transmission formed TransCanyon LLC through a subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation.

  • BHE U.S. Transmission

    Moving Forward

    BHE U.S. Transmission owns a 25 percent interest in the Prairie Wind Transmission project in Kansas.

  • BHE U.S. Transmission

    Moving Forward

    BHE U.S. Transmission, along with subsidiaries of American Electric Power Company, owns a 50 percent interest in Electric Transmission Texas which owns and operates electric transmission assets in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

Investment in Transmission

Reliable Transmission Solutions

BHE U.S. Transmission provides cost-effective, reliable transmission solutions for wholesale customers.


BHE U.S. Transmission's year-end 2012 rate-based transmission projects

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Reliable Transmission Solutions
BHE U.S. Transmission Projects


Investments towards transmission projects at voltages of 345 kilovolts and higher.

BHE U.S. Transmission is part of a group approved by the California ISO to develop, own and operate a new transmission line in California's Central Valley region. Spanning 60 miles, the new 230-kilovolt line will reduce the number and duration of power outages, create jobs, support economic development and bolster efforts to integrate clean, renewable energy on to the grid.


Committed to long-term ownership and acquisition of transmission assets, BHE U.S. Transmission builds upon the significant operational and ownership experience gained by Berkshire Hathaway Energy through its businesses' ownership of existing electric transmission systems. Through this experience, BHE U.S. Transmission is able to provide cost-effective, reliable transmission solutions for wholesale customers.

BHE U.S. Transmission's delivery team has developed approximately $1.6 billion of transmission projects at voltages of 345 kilovolts and higher and has extensive experience in traditional utility and stand-alone transmission project development.

Electric Transmission Texas has developed and constructed more than $1.5 billion of transmission projects within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. as part of that state's Competitive Renewable Energy Zone plan. Electric Transmission Texas, formed in 2007, is a joint venture between American Electric Power Company and Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company. As of year-end 2013, net property plant and equipment was $2.2 billion compared to $1.8 billion in 2012; $1.1 billion in 2011; and $530 million in 2010. At year-end 2013, Electric Transmission Texas' transmission system included more than 460 miles of 345-kilovot transmission and 19 substations.

In 2013, BHE U.S. Transmission submitted a joint proposal with Pacific Gas and Electric Company into the California ISO's competitive transmission process to develop, construct and own the Central Valley Power Connect transmission project in California. This will be a double-circuit 230-kilovolt transmission line and will extend approximately 60 miles from the Gates substation in Fresno County to the Gregg substation in Madera County. The project was awarded in November 2013 and has a projected in-service date of April 2020, approximately two years earlier than required by the California ISO.

BHE U.S. Transmission continues to evaluate development opportunities in evolving competitive markets either through joint ventures or on a stand-alone basis.

In 2014, BHE U.S. Transmission formed TransCanyon LLC, a joint venture with Bright Canyon Energy, a newly formed subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation.

TransCanyon, LLC's purpose is to identify, develop, own and construct electric transmission projects located in the 11 western states comprising the Western Electricity Coordinating Council footprint. BHE U.S. Transmission

BHE U.S. Transmission Project Locations

Project Locations

BHE U.S. Transmission has partnered with major entities to own and operate assets in the western U.S. and is exploring opportunities to expand.


BHE U.S. Transmission is focused on complementary partnerships to derive stakeholder and customer benefits.


BHE U.S. Transmission
BHE U.S. Transmission
BHE U.S. Transmission
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company, MidAmerican Transmission, Citizens Energy Corporation to Develop 70-Mile Electric Transmission Line
    • 11/15/2013

      For more information, contact:
      Julie White, Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, at 515-281-2785

      SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – (Nov. 15, 2013) – Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), MidAmerican Transmission, LLC (MidAmerican Transmission) and Citizens Energy Corporation (Citizens Energy) have been chosen by the California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) to develop, own and operate a new transmission line in the Central Valley region of California.

      The 230-kilovolt (kV) line will span about 70 miles across Fresno, Madera and Kings counties, running from the Gates to Gregg substations, which are owned and operated by PG&E. Approved by the ISO to address the growing power demand in the greater Fresno area, the new line will help reduce the number and duration of power outages, create jobs and support economic development, and bolster efforts to integrate clean, renewable energy onto the grid. The transmission line would be operational no later than 2022, and could come on line earlier.

      “This new transmission line not only will enable PG&E to safely, reliably and affordably serve our customers in the Central Valley, it will create new much needed jobs in the region,” said Geisha Williams, executive vice president of electric operations at PG&E. “The greater Fresno area is recognized nationally as a leader in agricultural business, and PG&E is pleased to partner with MidAmerican Transmission and Citizens Energy to modernize the region’s electric system in order to enhance California’s long-term economic vitality.”

      “Today’s energy infrastructure is adapting to meet the demands for greater renewable sources, while continuing the reliable service to customers,” said John Cupparo, president, MidAmerican Transmission. “This collaboration with PG&E and Citizens Energy is evidence of MidAmerican Transmission’s continued investment to ensure that California’s energy infrastructure keeps pace with these evolving demands.”

      “We’re proud to work with PG&E and MidAmerican Transmission on this terrific project and look forward to sharing the benefits of our work with the low-income families of the Central Valley,” said Citizens Energy Chairman and President Joseph P. Kennedy II.

      The ISO approved the project during its annual Transmission Planning Process in March. The ISO chose the consortium of PG&E, MidAmerican Transmission and Citizens Energy over four other qualified bidders in a competitive process. The project is the second to be approved under new ISO rules that require certain new transmission projects be subject to competition.

      The project will need to undergo an approval process through the California Public Utilities Commission. PG&E, MidAmerican Transmission and Citizens Energy will work collaboratively with local stakeholders to determine the optimal routing of the line as part of the approval process.

      Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG), is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, with 20,000 employees, the company delivers some of the nation’s cleanest energy to 15 million people in Northern and Central California. For more information, visit http://www.pge.com/about/newsroom/ and www.pgecurrents.com.

      MidAmerican Transmission, a wholly owned subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, is engaged in the development of electric transmission facilities. MidAmerican Transmission has invested in transmission in several regions in the U.S. and is evaluating opportunities to further develop electric transmission facilities in organized and traditional markets in the U.S. and Canada. MidAmerican Transmission has formed a subsidiary, MidAmerican Central California Transco, to participate in the consortium. Additional information about MidAmerican Transmission is available at www.midamericantransmission.com.

      Through its subsidiaries, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company provides electric and natural gas service to more than 7 million customers worldwide, operates an extensive 18,000-mile electric transmission system, a natural gas local distribution system, and interstate natural gas pipeline systems totaling nearly 17,000 miles. Learn more at www.midamerican.com.

      Citizens Energy Corporation was launched in 1979 by Joseph P. Kennedy II to use revenues from successful oil industry ventures to help lower the cost of heating for senior citizens and low-income families suffering from the petroleum price shocks of the time. The non-profit company expanded operations into the natural gas and electric power industries, all the while using its profits to help the poor. In addition, Citizens Energy started successful ventures in the pharmaceutical drug and health care fields, lowering the costs of life-saving drugs and medical care for ordinary working families. While still providing heating assistance in 26 states, Citizens has launched innovative wind, solar, and transmission businesses to help make life’s basic needs more affordable for the poor.



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